Fr. Don Everts articles

Fr. Don Everts articles

Making it Happen: Building the Kingdom Together

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 6/25/21

Faith, it is said, is the ability to believe even when reason tells us not to. You see, I could never prove the existence of God, let alone the Trinity, to someone who refuses to believe. Yes, I could point out how God works and how we come to ... Read More »

The Holy Trinity: The Great Experience of the Abundant Love of God

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 6/10/21

May 30, 2021 

Whenever I stop and reflect on my experience of God and the awe-inspiring encounter with the three persons of God, I cannot help but rejoice in the experience of Love so profound that God went to this extent to provide for us. 

In some aspects, the ... Read More »


Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 6/10/21

April 4, 2021 

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I ran across an article in my spiritual reading in preparation for Easter from Catholic Sentinel writer Heather Renshaw who captured Easter so well, I share part of it with you now: 

St. Augustine of Hippo is often credited with ... Read More »


Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 3/09/21

Each year during Lent, we are given this amazing opportunity to journey into the desert with Christ. This journey is meant to open us up to the transforming power of God’s unconditional love. By dying to self, we are offered, through the mercy of God, the ability to rise ... Read More »

CHRISTMAS 365 - 1.17.2021

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 2/15/21

There is something about the Christmas season that brings out the best in humanity. People are more aware of the needs of others. People go out of their way to serve and care for one another. People, quite frankly, are kinder.

In other words, the effort we put into ... Read More »

HOME - 12.17.2020

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 2/15/21

Advent is the great and glorious time we are given every year to prepare for the coming celebration of the birth of the Christ Child. It is a time to reclaim the wonder and awe of the unconditional love of God that sent us His Son so we could ... Read More »


Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 11/30/20

In all honesty, these last seven months have felt, to me, like I have been walking on ice. One step not carefully placed and I am going to wipe out. Needless to say, the unsure footing has made it extremely challenging to walk the journey of faith. 

The reality is our ... Read More »


Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 9/11/20

It is said that vision is the ability to know where we are going even when we cannot see the path that we are taking. 

As believers, our ultimate destination is to experience the fullness of God’s Kingdom and to see, one day, the face of God. The vision ... Read More »


Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 8/20/20

I read about this experiment in which several people agreed to have cameras placed throughout their homes for a month. The purpose of the experiment was to see if the perceptions of the people being filmed actually matched the reality of what was filmed. The results were rather stunning. ... Read More »


Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 6/18/20

This Sunday, we celebrate the great Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. It is through the powerful gift of the Eucharist that Christ sustains us on our journey of faith.

The Eucharistic Celebration is “the source and summit” of our life-giving experience of the abundant ... Read More »


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