As we slowly but surely begin exiting our Covid detention, we are called to Live and Share Jesus in a new way. One of the blessings of this recent isolation has been the opportunity to renew our relationship with Jesus. Hopefully we have used this precious time wisely to deeper Discover Jesus in our life.

In our first reading this weekend the prophet Jeremiah zealously proclaims that the Lord is with him, and us, like a mighty champion. We are no longer captured, but redeemed, rescued, and released! Like Jeremiah, there should be nothing that contains our joy in proclaiming our rescue. Not the rescue from Covid, so much as the rescue from our sins and former ways. We are renewed and revived in each and every encounter with our Lord. Why would we prevent others from knowing this joy? How will we tell God when we meet Him that we were afraid or didn’t have time to Share of His Son? We need a plan and action.

Our greater community, those who do not yet know Jesus, is waiting for our invitation and welcome.
Getting ourselves to Mass may have been a challenge recently or in the past, but our new and
future normal should be bringing someone new to Mass, every Mass. Yes, our goal is not to merely go, but to courageously, proudly, and compassionately walk with others on their journey towards God through Christ. Our journey includes invites, and accompanies our brothers and sisters in community, not isolation.

On this Father’s Day weekend, let us remember our Heavenly Father, Spiritual Fathers, earthly fathers, and the Priests, our Ordained Fathers. Be not afraid, for we are loved and cherished by the armor of this protection. Rejoice and invite all we meet into this family of security and sacrificial love. May we learn and love in our Heavenly Father's image and likeness as we were created, called, and sent.

Peace & Blessings,
Deacon Mark LeGreve
Pastoral Associate
Holy Cross & St. Katharine Drexel Parishes