Kaukauna Catholic Youth Ministry


The youth in Kaukauna are amazing, and they are hungry for spiritual and fun activities, whether they say it or not.  They are also thirsting for the love of Jesus in their young lives. If you desire to have your high school son or daughter discover a personal purpose and a mission, Kaukauna Catholic Youth Ministry (KCYM) is where you want them to be. Young lives are changed every season of the year through mission trips, pilgrimages, evenings of prayer and fellowship, fundraisers, small-group gatherings over coffee at the Kaukauna Library, meetings at Kaukauna High School, pizza parties, retreats and so much more!

Highly trained, faith-filled leaders prayerfully keep Jesus present and alive through many fun and spiritual events and activities. If your son or daughter is searching, let us provide the vehicle for them to find peace, joy, meaning and unconditional peer support.  KCYM!!  We're here for them and for you, as a parent. Call the Discipleship Formation Office at (920) 766-1445. Serve Him!

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And don't forget about CYE (Catholic Youth Expeditions)!  
Summer fun and lots of Jesus for our middle and high school students.

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