Cemetery minutes - HC


Holy Cross Cemetery Committee

10.13.2020 / 5 p.m.

In Attendance

Members in attendance: Bert Tennessen, Stan Dercks, Jerry Schumann, Sheldon Niquette, Fr. Don Everts

Mon-members in attendance: Cheryl Kumm

Not Present: Dave Haessly, Scott Hietpas

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the March meeting were read and unanimously approved.

Old Business

  • Driessen, who lives across the street from the cemetery, was concerned about the rotting tree falling on parked cars. As a result, she is not only having it taken down but also having the stump removed – all at her cost.
  • Jerry is meeting with Steven Rossum to discuss the new cemetery sign, but it will not be installed until next year.
  • Stan called all of the funeral homes to make sure that all bills now are paid - except for Fr. Gerend’s outstanding bill. The chain of events when a person dies should begin with Scott calling Cheryl, who then will contact the funeral home to find out if the family has advanced financial planning and will pay the bill, or if we will have to bill the family. Get name, address and person to bill. Remind them of the extra cost of digging a grave in the winter. Cheryl should work with Lisa to rectify any outstanding bills.

New Business

  • Discussed garden plots on empty land at the cemetery to earn extra income. We will talk to a man named Dean who set up a similar garden area at SKD-SF to get his input. Water is available. Also talked about tiling the lower units to get rid of excess water. It was done in Kimberly and works great. We will invite Dean to our next meeting.
  • Columbarium plaques that were glued on the stones are now falling off. Appleton Marble charges $50 each to screw them onto the stones. Should we include that charge in charges in the future, or find out the cost to fix the plaques ourselves?
  • Cheryl discussed creating a standardized deed and regulations/rule book that will work for all parishes. Will discuss at next meeting.

Motion to adjourn was made and unanimously passed at 6 p.m.