Funeral Servers

"Part of the grieving process and the healing process after a funeral is to talk and share feelings.
This is sometimes hard to do and harder if one is alone. By attending a funeral meal,
people have an informal opportunity to chat and reminisce about the deceased.
People who are shy and not used to public speaking can simply listen and feel that they are involved in the process.
Grieving together goes a long way toward helping the healing process and a Repast offers the opportunity for all to get involved.
At a Repast gathering, family members who have not seen each other for long periods can bond, offer, and gain emotional support.
This is especially true if family members live far away and have traveled long distances to attend the funeral.
The Repast provides a safe place to gather, reflect and share thoughts over a meal."
(Source: The Art of Condolence)


If you are willing to be called on short notice to assist at funeral liturgies, please call Jean at 920-766-5091 (Holy Cross) or Nora at 920-766-1346 (St. Katharine Drexel-St. Mary). Training will be provided.