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CHRISTMAS 365 - 1.17.2021

There is something about the Christmas season that brings out the best in humanity. People are more aware of the needs of others. People go out of their way to serve and care for one another. People, quite frankly, are kinder.

In other words, the effort we put into living our faith and witnessing that faith is so strong during the Christmas season, that there is a noticeable difference in how humanity responds to each other during other times of the year. 

As intentional disciples of Jesus Christ we endeavor to live our Christmas experience everyday of the year. We seek to be the very
image of Christ to those we encounter.

The question is how do we do this? We are at our best when we are simply aware and responsive to the needs of others. At Christmas, we make time and we prioritize our care for each other. We simply pay more attention and are more willing to do something that makes a difference in the lives of others.

As part of my own spiritual journey, I have sought to hold before myself each day my mission to serve God to the best of my ability. So, I begin each day with a very simple prayer, “God, please make me a blessing to someone today.” In this way, seeking to realize that each of us has the ability to be a vessel of God’s grace. Each of us are CHRIST BEARERS. We can and do share the hope of the Christmas experience through our endeavors to live our faith well. The extent of our effectiveness is a direct result of the extent of our willingness and desire to live our call of holiness. 

As we enter into this period of Ordinary Time, let us pray for the ability to live Christmas 365. 

Peace and Joy, 

Fr. Don Everts



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