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I read about this experiment in which several people agreed to have cameras placed throughout their homes for a month. The purpose of the experiment was to see if the perceptions of the people being filmed actually matched the reality of what was filmed. The results were rather stunning. None of the people who took part in the experiment actually believed they did and said many of the things they were captured on tape doing. Their disbelief extended from small personal habits to what they said in a moment of anger. 

The question becomes for us, “Who are we REALLY, when no one is looking?” In answering this question for ourselves, we will gain some insight into who we are as a child of God, and about how strong our relationship is with God.

As people of faith, the foundation of who we are is the choice we have made to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Our lives are about walking in the footsteps of Christ and responding as Christ would in this world. Our foundation of faith is what gives us the potential to be who we want to be, “a disciple of Christ,” – the extent that we live this faith speaks to who we actually are OR how far we have come on our journey of faith. 

We must remember that it is not about perfection. No human being is going to respond in light of their faith at all moments and in all situations. It is about the progress that we make in committing ourselves to God and connecting ourselves to the grace of God that will speak to who we really are. It is not easy to live the choice we have made. It is not easy to make choices that speak clearly to the world that we are disciples of Jesus Christ. 

In our world today, people are speaking about a new normal. They speak of having to live and move in the world in a very different way because of the pandemic. In faith, we speak about the reality of God. We understand that in any place, time or situation it is simply about living this truth and reality. And while it is true this might mean finding different ways of reaching out, taking care of and supporting each other; the truth and reality of God have not changed. Our normal is to seek to live and move in a way that witnesses the reality of God that is "the normal."

It is good for us to take the time to ask ourselves that important question, “Who am I when no one is looking?” Because it will give us a good sense of the progress we have made in becoming the very image of Christ.

Peace and Joy,

Fr. Don



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