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    This Sunday, we celebrate our 5th Sunday of Easter. As we journey further into the mystery of the Resurrection we simply
endeavor to respond as fully as possible to our encounter of the Risen Christ. We, as Easter People, seek to witness the
powerful reality of the greatest act of love we experienced through Jesus Christ willingly offering his life on the Cross so that we might be saved.

    Sunday also is our celebration of Mother’s Day. A day in which we honor our mothers for the great gift of life that they nurtured, encouraged, and sacrificed for us in order to give us the best life possible. We recognize the simple fact that it is our mothers who have helped us form that great foundation on which we now stand. We are indeed blessed by their answer to God’s call and the love they have so willingly bestowed upon us.

    As we journey together as Easter People during this time of crisis, it has been amazing to behold our
parishes. As a family we have supported, encouraged and stepped up in very powerful faith-filled witness to face together the challenges of this time by seeking to do what we can to care for our sisters and brothers in faith. 

    As Easter People, we have experienced the love of God poured out upon the cross to give us life. And have done so in profound ways as we endeavor to “love one another as I (Jesus) have loved us.”

    One of the challenges we have encountered during this last month and a half is our Eucharistic fast. It is extremely difficult not to gather around the altar of Our Lord and receive the Eucharistic Feast. But, I have discovered, as many of you have shared with me, that this Eucharistic fast has opened our hearts to certain profound truths. 

    Perhaps you have rediscovered, like me, a desperate need for God. A more complete understanding of how God and God alone can provide what we need to find our path in the confusing world in which we live. Perhaps we have realized how much we have taken the Eucharist for granted and have now reclaimed a greater sense of this sacred gift from God. 

    Yes, this Eucharistic fast has been the most difficult part of this time but in the fast it has provided us the  opportunity to enter further into this mystery and come to a greater awareness of love for the immensity of this gift from God.

    Yet another challenge we have faced during this time are the economic challenges. Many have lost jobs and face uncertain times. As parishes we have experienced the economic effects of this crisis. 

    On our part we have frozen the budget, eliminated all non-essential purchases, and reduced our use of utilities to the greatest possible extent in order to deal with the reality of this shortfall. 

    In the last month and a half each parish has seen a shortfall as compared to last year, by approximately $20,000. 

    I realize that many of you also face such great financial challenges. I ask that you just do what you can to help your parish family in any way possible. 

    You can mail in your contribution, use the new Pay Pal link on the web page to do your contribution electronically, use the other online giving options offered on the website or sign up for direct deposit (called ACH). If we all do what we can we will weather this storm together. 

    Our Easter journey is a journey of life and hope. We have experienced through the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ the great truth of God’s love for us and we know and trust that God will  provide. Even more, we realize that the power of darkness cannot and will not overcome the blazing light of the Risen Christ in our lives. Our journey through Easter is a journey of new life. Even now in our challenges we discover anew each day the amazing ways in which God continues to sustain us and provide for us.  

    We are Easter People and we live and respond each day to the great truth and reality of the risen Christ!

Peace and Joy,
Fr. Don Everts
Holy Cross and St. Katharine Drexel Parishes




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