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In all honesty, these last seven months have felt, to me, like I have been walking on ice. One step not carefully placed and I am going to wipe out. Needless to say, the unsure footing has made it extremely challenging to walk the journey of faith. 

The reality is our world has been turned upside down. We have had to learn a different way of working, caring for our families, and even how we come together to pray.  

Yet amid this messiness there is God!  

What I have discovered is you have to pay attention to where you are going and what you are doing. Like walking on ice, the times we live in require awareness. And because we are more aware perhaps, just perhaps, we are more open to how we encounter God.  

For myself, even realizing how much I had taken for granted regarding the ability to gather as a family to eat, to laugh, to play and to pray has brought me to a more powerful awareness of how God has provided for me through my brothers and sisters in Christ. It has helped me to savor the opportunities that I have been given by God to be nurtured, fed and sustained by others.    

Even more, it has given me the insight that I can, through the grace of God, move beyond my own perceived limitations and discover the ability to do something I did not think was possible.  

My epiphany during these last seven months of the journey is this: Even though the footing has been so unsure and at times it simply feels like I am constantly walking uphill, it has enabled me to surrender to God in ways I could not have done in the past, it has filled me with a powerful trust that God will get me to the other side and it has filled my heart with immense gratitude for how God has loved me, is loving me and will love me.  

In other words: Amid the darkness blazing before me is the glorious light of God, so I can find my footing.

Peace and Joy,
Fr. Don Everts, Pastor
Holy Cross & St. Katharine Drexel Parishes



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