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To rise up, to behold the fullness of God kingdom and to know the fullness of life is God’s plan for us. 

Our journey into the Easter mystery brings us this Sunday to the celebration of Ascension Sunday. The day, 40 days after the Resurrection, in which Jesus Christ ascends into heaven. 

For many it could feel like Jesus was again leaving them. Much like they felt after experiencing his death on the cross. The ascension is just the next necessary step in God’s abundant plan of life and salvation. 

Because by Jesus ascending as full human into heaven he becomes that bridge that reunites us to the fullness of God’s kingdom. Our entry to heaven, lost by original sin, is regained to the sacrifice of   Jesus Christ. Then the next part of God’s plan unfolds with the sending of the third person of God in the person of the Holy Spirit.

God does not abandon. God does not betray and God will always fulfill His promises to us far beyond anything we could ever imagine. 

We as family, as faith communities are also beginning our ascension into new life. Next Sunday on Pentecost Sunday we will begin offering communion in conjunction with our live streaming of the Sunday Mass. The Sunday Mass will be live streamed at 9 a.m. starting May 24 and each Sunday after. Then on Pentecost Sunday, May 31, after the live streaming of Mass we will offer communion at each worship site from 10:15 a.m. until approximately noon. We will have the directives for going to communion in groups of 8 in the bulletin next week along with detailed instructions on what each of us are asked to do to ensure the health and well-being of one another. It should be noted: Those who are vulnerable still are highly recommended to follow the safe at home standards at this time. 

 I know it will not be perfect to come to church to   receive communion without it being a part of the family gathering around the Altar of the Lord to celebrate the mass. But it is another step in our ascension and rising from the grimness of this crisis.

It fills my spirit with incredible joy to know that I will be able to feed our family in this way even if it is not the fullness of our celebration of the Mass. It is a step. It is another step toward life and Resurrection and it is GOOD.

God’s bountiful plan continues to unfold before us. Each step into new life and resurrection is a wonder to behold!

Peace and Joy,
Fr. Don Everts
Holy Cross and St. Katharine Drexel Parishes. 



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