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It is 2021, and there are already ten days gone in the year. The time has flown. Here we are post-Christmas, the tinsel is gone and wrapping paper recycled. Resolutions have been made and probably already broken, and we have another new beginning - the Baptism of the Lord.

I can’t help but wonder about our beginnings. Where did we come from, and where are our roots? For many today, it may be the north or south side of Kaukauna - a river like the Fox may define our space or place. 

For the people of Hollandtown, their beginnings began in about 1848 when a ship called the Libra crossed the mighty waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The people on board the ship made their way to Little Chute, and others in the group went on to Darboy, with the Fox River not too far away.

Today’s Gospel firmly sets the scene with John the Baptist and his timing in ministry. The flowing waters of the Jordan are the place and space where Jesus is anointed with the Spirit of God and the recognition of who he is shown as another Epiphany.

This gives us an opportunity as we begin 2021 to ask ourselves and reflect upon our calling from God given to us in baptism. Who were our formators in faith, who were our ancestors, how did we get our name and how was our Christian identity imprinted on us?

Our baptismal promises form the core belief of our faith and a good recognition and proclamation of them would certainly be fitting this week.

In many ways, we are complex people. But in the eyes of the Lord, there is simplicity in the manner of our profession of faith. A simple matter of saying I do - I believe. 

Our parish prayer is a good starting point to put faith into action and help us to get focused for the coming week:

Loving God and Father - You sent your Spirit to us to help us on our Way. Give us the grace as people of Kaukauna Catholic Parishes; to discover the life of Jesus, and to live and share this Joy with others - so that your will may be done on earth as it is in heaven. Through Jesus Christ our Lord forever and ever. Amen.    

Onwards for 2021!

Fr. Mack



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