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More Work to do—Carrying our Cross

This weekend we celebrate Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer: Kids know the Summer is coming to an end – it’s back to school. Parents may be delighted as routine sets in again. But unlike previous years, 2020 has redefined what routine and normality is.

We have had to be extra careful with get-togethers, barbecues and travel and a lot more everyday things. Not surprisingly, this year school will be different. Different school days, the need to adapt, and a new skill set to learn in and out of the classroom. Washing hands, social distancing and facial coverings may continue to be the new norm.

It is the facial covering that has been one of the big changes in our everyday communication. We have had to hone our skills like a keen poker player – and read eyes, while the other wears a mask. At this time, too, we celebrate the Feast of Holy Cross and The Sorrows of Mary.

This got me thinking about the Stations of the Cross - especially the fourth Station. This is when Jesus meets his Mother Mary on the Way to Calvary. Even though they could not talk to each other, mother and son spoke just using their eyes. What do you think they said to each other? Maybe we can say that Mary said, "This is unfair." Maybe Mary said, "Why you? Why me?"

Following the example of St. Katharine Drexel and St. Francis - I would like to think that Mary said to Jesus, “Keep on going, my dear Son!” Imagine the Blessed Mother encouraging her only son on the way to his crucifixion to keep on going? 

Because She, more so than any disciple, understands the Christian principle of "no cross, no crown.” Dear St. Peter had to discover that as we read in last week’s Gospel. As we contemplate the next few months along the way let us bear that grace in mind.

Loving God and Father - You sent your Spirit to us to help us on our Way. Give us the grace as people of Kaukauna Catholic Parishes; to discover the life of Jesus, and to live and share this Joy with others- so that your will may be done on earth as it is in heaven. Through Jesus Christ our Lord forever and ever. Amen


Fr. Mack



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