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11/15/2022 Justin
Please pray for my 7-year-old daughter named Lily, she has an abscessed tooth that is causing her a lot of pain. They can't take it out for 2 more weeks. She's crying a lot. She brushes and flosses every day and doesn't eat junk food. Just happened. Thank you dearly.

I grew up in a very negative, dysfunctional home. I want to Let go Let God. I'm an adult who needs a lot of prayers Pray for restoration, confidence, in myself, decree, intercede, mercy. PS I want to learn the Bible apply it to my daily life.. Pray for wisdom discernment God's Grace ????????

Some WA state officials strongly want to give Section 8 housing in Western Washington the homeless people before the cold weather arrives. What a great idea! Pray for favor, mercy, and help intercede. What's impossible with man is possible with God. Please pray and share this prayer request. 

My husband has terminal cancer. Pray for divine healing, health to his whole body. God is the ultimate healer. Please pray for my husband. 


This is extremely important. Pray our adult kids will change their minds about going to college, or moving away... Pray for hindrances, and roadblocks immediately. Their parent has a terminal illness We need each other during this difficult time. They started college, Last week, It's frustrating. Please pray, and share this prayer request.

EMERGENCY PRAYER that a distant relative STOPS going OUT of TOWN immediately. Returns with Money.!!!! Nobody trusts it. Pray to remove, block this person's funds promptly, Pray for hindrances from leaving Out of town again. Plans to leave again beginning of November. We need a miracle. Don't stop praying.


My friend's parent has a terminal illness. Pray for healing, health for this parent. My friend still plans to go to school, Move away from the terminal parent, and family.Pray my friend changes mind. My friend has a good job close to home too. I feel like my friend is running away from what's going on instead of staying. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Please pray. 

Pray for our daughter Alexandria, her family who want to relocate to Eastern Washington. At least that's what she' says. Pray favor, help, affordable housing, job for her husband.


Keith Hopfensperger who has cancer that they find something to relieve his pain and that he gets some sleep to rest! Hasn't slept for 4 days - Hospice is on the way.

10/18/2022 Pete

Please pray that God blesses me with the perfect job and career, where I can succeed, thrive and love what I do. Please also pray that I am reconnected and start talking with Karen M & Kim W again. Please also pray that Lady's cancer is healed completely and that Joan finds new friends and is healed from all health issues. Thank you and God bless you.

Please pray for my cousin named Wyatt, He's 9. He has cancer in his lungs. Doctors said he only has 3 months to live.


For the Keith Hopfensperger family who just found out he has cancer in his bones and lungs. 


Prayers to both families of the tragic accident of the vehicle versus the bicycle-60-year-old passed away/16-year-old driving a vehicle. 


75 year 75-year-old who had quadruple bypass surgery 9/16/22.on  Lord please heal his body, renew his strength and bring strength and comfort to his family. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

9/6/2022 William
Dear Lord, Cover my wife Linda with your Spiritual Armor. Surround her and take this cancer out ofher lungs, small intestine and liver. In the name of Christ Jesus I pray. Amen.

08/07/2022 Kelly
For Jeremy, age 29, who has battled cancer for the last 12 months and who is now cancer free. He continues to suffer the effects of the chemo on his body and n compromised immune system. For continuecontinued and strength. For Henry, an 11-month-old boy, who has a cancerous mass in his chest affecting his breathing. He is currently at children's sedated and undergoing chemo. Lord Jesus touch this sweet boy and heal his body. Protect him and comfort his family

I pray that my daughter can find a career the path where she can use her many talents.

Pray for my husband to continue to improve as he navigates heart issues.

08/03/2022 Laura
Let us pray for all the people who had recently passed and for all the souls who are waiting in purgatory and have no one to send prayers for them. May Jesus have mercy on their souls. Amen