A tough pill to swallow

Bitterness and resentment can eat you alive. Just ask Ed Van Dehy.

Twelve years ago, Ed’s 85-year-old parents decided to change their estate to the significant benefit of only one of their six children. Deception, lies and underhanded maneuvers yielded the sole inheritor’s desired effect of having the five remaining siblings sign-off their legal claims.  

 “Two years of bitterness tends to destroy many things in one’s heart and soul,” Ed said. “When I finally found the grace to begin to reverse this destructive pattern of holding on to resentment, I also found that I had to reform my conscience and let God renovate my decision-making

What seemed to work best for Ed was to call on his newfound friend, St. Michael, the Archangel. “When I found my thoughts back in that darkness of regret and bitterness, I called St. Michael. I found he could somehow repair my soul and calm my anxiety, get my thoughts out of the darkness and work on the forgiveness and finding the greater good.”

Within minutes, Ed says, he felt better.

Six years later on Sept. 8, 2014, Ed experienced another episode of regret and bitterness. “I called on St. Michael to dispel that spirit from me,” he said. “I found relief and inspiration within minutes.”

As Ed began his morning prayers the next day, he said a brief prayer of thanksgiving to St. Michael for his help. The response this time was unusual.

“This time a distinct message came to me, ‘It wasn’t me.’ I asked who it was that helped me. ‘Whose birthday was it yesterday?’ A few moments passed and I calculated that with the Immaculate Conception celebrated on Dec. 8, Mother Mary’s birthday was that day. A wonderful daily relationship with Mary took off from that day forward.”

That sequel should not have surprised him, Ed says, but bitterness again sprang its ugly head two or three years later.

“My reaction was to ask my Mother Mary to help, in her special way, so that I could return to doing better things,” Ed said. “My symptoms were alleviated almost instantly. I thanked Mary for help. Her response was eerie, ‘It wasn’t me.’ I didn’t have to ask this time who it was. The message rushed in faster than my brain could comprehend, ‘This is my Son. Do whatever he tells you.’”

Ed tears up every time he tells his story. “This is the first time I wrote it down,” he added. “Excuse me, I need a Kleenex.”

Who do you turn to in times of distress? 

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