The eyes have it

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 11/11/20

When Joyce Bruecker looks at a person, she never notices their eyeglasses, she said. The eyes hold the true essence of any person – even if the eyes belong to the blessed Father and his Son

Throughout Joyce’s life, God has always been a strong presence. She grew up ... Read More »

A tough pill to swallow

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 9/03/20

Bitterness and resentment can eat you alive. Just ask Ed Van Dehy.

Twelve years ago, Ed’s 85-year-old parents decided to change their estate to the significant benefit of only one of their six children. Deception, lies and underhanded maneuvers yielded the sole inheritor’s desired effect of having the five ... Read More »

Pomeranians and Angels 

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 9/03/20

Before Von DeBroux passed away in 2017, three days before her birthday, her husband, Len, promised that he would take good care of the couple’s little Pomeranian dog, Codie.

But on a cold winter’s night in January 2020, Len says he had a little help from above.

“I left ... Read More »


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