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Wise and Understanding Hearts

(1Kings 3:12)

Our Grand Prize and Greatest Treasure of this life is Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Receiving a taste of what that is like is a Gift of the Holy Spirit called understanding. Understanding utilizes the organ that hears what God speaks to us. A wise Priest once told me that the Gift of Understanding can be dangerous if we give in to the temptation of using it for our own advantage, power, or prideful ways. The grace of understanding comes with the divine responsibility of leading ourselves and others toward Christ.

The greatest fear of any Christian should be deflecting or misdirecting people away from Christ. Our next greatest fear is in who we choose to follow as our leader. In times of great confusion, frustration, and uncertainty we are called to seek understanding from our God in how best to proceed.

Living in the current state of information overload is
often overwhelming even beginning to know who and what to trust. The desire for power, wealth, and control of global resources quite easily pulls leaders onto the path of self- destruction. Likewise, getting caught up in these pursuits in hope of our own personal gain leads us astray and cheering our personal choice for a global leader. In these pursuits do we place Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven as something other than the Grand Prize? In these pursuits by our words and actions are we misdirecting people away from Christ?

I share with you my deepest desire to express actions of the purest hearts that only by grace desire to respond to all conflicts with the greatest and most equitable resolution in charity and love. I pray with you as humans reaching out to the divine that we together, through Christ, navigate our personal blind spots and weaknesses to conform ever more closely to Jesus. May we never tire of seeking holy and just words and actions that only lead others to Christ.

As Solomon asked God only for an understanding heart, may we too seek to follow and display saintly leadership. In choosing right from wrong may we desire first understanding of God’s will. O God, let us not be divided by our selfish worldly pursuits. Hear our prayers that all world leaders, like Solomon, be open and receive your grace. May we unite in pursuit of your heavenly kingdom. Amen.

Peace & Blessings,
Deacon Mark LeGreve, Pastoral Associate



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