Deacon Jim Trzinski

Deacon Jim Trzinski

Lead us not into Temptation - 3.6.2022

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 3/02/22

This week’s gospel passage talks about Jesus’ temptation in the desert from the devil. For most of us, we pray every day that we will not succumb to temptation when we pray the words of the Our Father prayer. We all deal with temptations and personal battles with the ... Read More »

The Baptism of the Lord - 1.9.2022

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 3/02/22

This weekend, we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord.  When most of us think of a baptism, we may just think about the water that is poured over the heads of those being baptized. Of course, that is one of the key components of baptism.

Another important component, that ... Read More »

The Season of Advent     - 11.28.2021

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 3/02/22

The Season of Advent    

It seems that only a few hours after we celebrate Thanksgiving, our society thrusts us right into the Christmas Season. As we know, beginning several years ago, stores started opening even on Thanksgiving Day to entice those to cut short their time with families ... Read More »

TIME TO PREPARE - 11.14.2021

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 3/02/22


In this week’s Gospel, Jesus talks about the signs of his second coming, what some may refer to as the end of the world. I know in the past, many have tried to predict certain days that the world would end. Christ’s second coming - or ... Read More »

Respect Life Weekend - 10.3.2021

Posted by Cheryl Kumm on 3/02/22

Respect Life Weekend                                                                                                                                                                                  We may think that we are attending a ... Read More »


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