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Pride and Repentance - March 24, 2019

Jun 17, 2019

How difficult is it for us to feel remorse or regret for our wrongdoing or sin? The feeling part seems to be a natural and easy thing for me. I know in my heart when I’ve done wrong or hurt someone. The difficulty comes in expressing it out loud, to say I’m sorry, or to go to confession and humble myself. Do you have the same difficulty? I don’t know if it’s a male thing or a universal problem. With me, I think it’s a pride thing.

Let’s continue our Lenten journey by focusing on how pride might get in the way of our repenting. Like the fig tree that didn’t bear fruit, our refusing to repent prevents us from bearing fruit for the kingdom. If we cultivate our soil, fertilize our lives with a daily Word of God, we WILL go on to bear good fruit.  God gives us so many chances. This Lent, let’s just do it.  Pride can be a killer. It’s like a disease that attacks our fertilizing and cultivating efforts. So, let’s destroy that monster in our lives.  I’ll try if you will.   Deacon Bruce



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