Greeters and Ushers

Greeters and Ushers

Usher Ministry

Ushers have great purpose in our churches.  Ushers often serve for many years because they enjoy being of service to Our Lord by serving His people. If you have a desire to be a friendly and helpful presence to our guests and also serve in special roles throughout the liturgy, i.e, ensuring that our guests have a seat in church, taking up the collection, guiding our guests to communion, distributing Bulletins after Mass, and assisting or providing direction in various circumstances, then the Ministry of Usher might be perfect for you.

Ushering can also be a wonderful family ministry. We hope you will consider joining our team of ushers. Contact Holly Saunders, Worship Director, at 920-766-1445 or for details.  Training is provided.


Hospitality - Greeter Ministry

Greeters are present at the doors of church to welcome those coming to worship with us. Greeters may be asked to direct people to the restrooms or other parts of the building. They arrive early so as to be ready at the doors when people begin gathering, usually 15-20 minutes before Mass time. We invite individuals, couples, families and friends to serve in this important ministry.

It's always nice to have someone open a door with a friendly smile and a simple greeting. We care about our parishioners and our visiting guests, and greeters make it known that someone special has just entered the doors of our Church. Contact Holly Saunders, Worship Director, at 920-766-1445 or to inquire. Training is provided.